Network cant access stream

Unfortunately this device is not able to access the test streaming data through its current internet connection. Some corporations and schools have network security policies that prohibit streaming video. If this is the case where you are you may need to make an alternate plan for viewing, perhaps watching on your personal wireless device or at another location.
Stream Quality: Not Tested
Operating System: Not Tested
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Cookies Enabled: Not Tested
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The video stream is distributed via a wide network of servers located around the globe. Wherever you are, you are pulling the signal from a server close to you. As such, a strong wireless or hard line connection to your device will deliver smooth performance and a high bit-rate stream. A weak or slow connection will cause choppiness and deliver a lower bit-rate stream.

Choose a hard line connection over a wifi or cellular connection whenever possible. Hard line (aka Ethernet) connections carry more data. Wireless options can work if bandwidth is high, but in general they aren't as reliable as Ethernet connections.

Minimize concurrent streams on corporate networks. If you are on a corporate network and others in your company plan to watch, watch together. Too many individual streams on one network will cause network bandwidth strain. Think of it like commuting; the more people car-pool, the less traffic there is on the road, which makes a better ride for everyone.

If possible, you should disconnect from your corporate VPN (Virtual Private Network). The video player often cannot get enough data while tunneling through a VPN, which leads to a poorer experience.

YouTube, social media, music streaming, and other bandwidth/resource consuming activities like network backups, large file downloads (Windows or app updates), and antivirus scanning will steal resources from video streaming. Limit such activity during broadcasts if possible.

Close extraneous programs while viewing. Too many open programs can use up memory and CPU resources valuable to the video player.

Close extraneous tabs or browser windows while viewing. Too many open tabs or browser windows can use up memory and CPU resources valuable to the video player.

Use the most modern browser available to you, and keep it up to date. Browsers regularly update to provide additional security, features and optimizations for a better browsing experience; this includes viewing webcasts. We recommend Google Chrome .

Keep your devices up to date. Manufacturers regularly update to provide additional security, features and optimizations for a better user experience; this includes viewing webcasts.

Reboot your device if it has been running for an extended period. Devices can become sluggish after running continuously for days. This will free up memory to store video data for the player.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 7+

Android 4.4+

Apple Mac OS 10.10+

Apple iOS 10+

Web Browser

Google Chrome 56+

Internet Explorer 11

Firefox 51+

Edge 15+

Safari 10+

Opera 43+

Mobile Browser

Chrome Mobile (latest version)

Safari Mobile (latest version)

Internet Connection

Dedicated high speed connection of 1mbps or higher

4G LTE for mobile

Why does my video look blurry or blocky?

Our platform uses Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming to deliver content to you. If you have a strong and fast connection, we can deliver a high-bit rate stream. If your connection is suffering or isn't as fast, our platform automatically delivers a smaller bit-rate stream so that you can watch smoothly. It's like watching a video on YouTube. If you see blocky or blurry video, it means you are pulling down a smaller bit-rate stream due to local network conditions.

How do I register for an upcoming event?

You should have been provided a registration link from the event organizer. Our links start with

Click the link provided and will take you to the registration page. Enter your email, and click submit.

Supply any additoinal information in the fields shown (typically First Name and Last Name), and hit submit again.

You are now registerd for the event! You may recieve a confirmation email, a reminder email close to the event, and a thank you email after the event. If you don't see an email, check your junk/spam folder.

How do I log in on the day of the event?

Use the same link that you used to register. You will only have to enter your email address if you have registered for the program.

Can I watch the presentation on my phone/tablet/mobile device?

Xyvid Pro is device and browser agnostic; as long as your device meets the minimum system requirements (see above) you just need to log in on the day of the event and hit Launch. No app or custom plug-in is needed.

How do I ask questions?

In our player, there is a button in the lower right hand side that says "Action Center." Click it to open the Action Center, where you can submit questions or ask for technical support.

Click the Questions and Answers button to ask a question.

Click the Technical Support button to see some common fixes to issues, or to chat with a technical support rep.

What is that heart symbol on my viewer?

This is our Pulse tool. Click the icon to give the presenter instant feedback on their content.

When you click the heart button, a small window with buttons will appear.

Click the button that most represents how you feel at a given moment (for example, Agree/Disagree or Like/Dislike).

Call our technical support hotline at 1 (877) 992-7225, or email